Enabling e-Learning brings together relevant information, resources and communities to support schools in developing their e-learning practice.

Digital content is most effective when:
  • embedded into an existing programme of learning
  • supported by relevant offline experiences (before and after use)
  • selected according to the needs and interests of the learner (informed by evidence)
  • supported by effective teaching
  • combined with other relevant content and learning experiences
  • learners work collaboratively


Blogs for your classroom

Podcasting for Beginners

Audacity Tutorials for Podcasting

Audacity Tutorial

Using Wiki Technology to Engage Students

Wikis, blogs and podcasts: a new generation of

Web-based tools for virtual collaborative clinical

practice and education

Wiki walk Throughs

How we use wikis in class

Cool Presentation Tools

Software for Learning

Interested in Learning a Language online?


ACES is a bunch of enthusiastic teachers who get together to learn from each other

and share exciting innovations they are trying in their classrooms.

Digital portfolios: guidelines for beginners

Business Educational Resources

Teaching languages with ICT

E-learning & effective pedagogy

Technology and language instruction

Examples of the use of E-Learning Tools

Survey Monkey

Zoomerang - design a survey

There is an easy way to create accounts for students
- especially younger students who don't have email accounts.

1. Log in to your wiki and click on Manage Wiki, then click User Creator. Follow the instructions given.
2. Select the wiki to add the users to.
3. Create with a list of usernames, email addresses (if they have them, if not just leave them out) and passwords using the following format. You can use a spreadsheet, or type them as below using comma separated text.
  • user1,email1@address.com,password1
  • user2,email2@address.com,password2
4. Please make sure that user names are at least 3 characters long. Letters, numbers, underscores and dashes are allowed.
5. Please make sure that passwords are least 6 characters long.
6. Click through the instructions given on the page. Wikispaces will tell you if you make a mistake. The main problem will be finding a unique user name -suggest you use a combination of numbers and letters to make these.