Subject Specific Literacy

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Secondary Literacy Website



An explanation of close reading and explains how to do close reading.


Meta cognition


A checklist for evidence of differentiation in a classroom.

An example of a differentiated programme.

A reference for facilitators to use in facilitation. It is a simplified list of grammatical features.

A definition of academic language and what it means to/for our work.

A user friendly list of strategies . Click on the link and it takes you to the tki site ESOL on line where
the strategies are defined and you will find examples of each.
A MoE site specifically concentrating on literacy needs. Join the forum and keep up to date with the
latest trends and issues.
A MoE site. It focuses on ESOL students though there is a lot of valuable resources and information
about language and literacy that can be used in mainstream classes
A site that offers a lot of background information around literacy, ppts, articles, webinars. I have found
this to be a valuable site.

A list of indicators of good literacy practice

Information about the Principles and Guidelines of Effective Adolescent Literacy Instruction (GEALI) identified and
adopted by the National Literacy team 2012.
SOLO Taxonomy
SOLO taxonomy -The LEARNZ team have done some work on SOLO, with input from Pam Hook. which includes a self-assessment rubric for students that can be used with any LEARNZ virtual field trip.

Pam Hook's website provides more resources on SOLO