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LINKS from Terry

The link below shows how writing can be expanded from a simple idea

This is awesome telescopictext.com Click on the grey words to expand the sentence further.

The next link is about – Modelling Good Writing

Teaching the PQ4R Method


Workshop 4: July 2 & 4, 2013

Seven Strategies to Teach Students Text Comprehension By: C.R. Adler

Workshop 2: November 22 & 27, 2012

Workshop 1: September 18 & 19, 2012

Other Useful Tools:

TechLink - techlink-site-logo2.jpg

Technology Wiki - Lesley Pearce

NZQA -Technology subject resources

e-asTTle reports

Reading and writing for success: Principles that underpin instruction (NZ Reading Association)
Speaking frames
Professional readings
Marzano - Teaching Inference
Rhetorical functions in academic speaking
College of Arts and Sciences The Writing Center
Resources for Printable Graphic Organizers