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ERO national Report Accelerating the Progress of Priority Learners in Primary Schools (May 2013):
I would highly recommend this recently released report, as it concerns our priority learners. It presents ERO’s findings in relation to the effective practices and processes that teachers, leaders and school trustees use to accelerate the progress of students achieving below or well below the National Standards.

Latest Ideas to Trial!

Homai Video Resource
The Homai video resource that was developed for Literacy Online last year. This is an excellent resource to exemplify the teaching strategies that are proven to be worth spending time on to develop self-regulated learners.


Education Counts Literacy Research

Assessment for Better Learning - A closer look at reading assessment by Tracey Cullen, Resource Teacher of Literacy, Gore Main School.

Culturally Responsive Practice: Leadspace

For those interested in the links between literacy and numeracy

Should Transliteracy replace Language Arts?
Two viewpoints are shared by Patricia Russac and Jody Lambert. One in favour of the need to move literacy into the technology age to prepare our students for their future, and the other arguing that students must first learn to read and write effectively before they can interact transliterally. Both make very valid points in this five minute read. What do you believe? Where would you put the point of balance and what changes might you make to enrich current literacy practice?

Education Counts Maori Research

Pacific Education Research

Education and Pacific Peoples in New Zealand- Pacific Progress 2010 is a series of reports which examine the place of New Zealand’s Pacific peoples in a number of sectors. It is a collaborative project between Statistics NZ & the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs.
BES - Quality Teaching for Diverse Learners - Alton Lee

ERO National Reports

Pasifika Education Community & Other Relevant Research

Case Studies

BES Series Home Page The home page for the Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis (BES) programme. BES is a collaborative knowledge building strategy designed to strengthen the evidence base that informs education policy and practice in New Zealand.

NZCER Research Publications

Supporting Pasifika learners

Student Engagement Research - Education Counts

C O M M E N T A R Y - The Problem of Boys’ Literacy Underachievement: Raising Some Questions